Everyone has a story. Tell yours.

The publishing world is changing. Now more than ever, it’s easy to make your voice heard.

We live in a sound-byte culture, but sometimes the full story demands to be told. And you may want it bound, to hold in your hands and pass down to generations to come—whether that means to your children’s children or your shareholders.

Three Bean Press delivers a fresh approach to self-publishing and has earned a reputation for editorial and design excellence. We’re also known for our customer service and will help you tell your story—brilliantly.




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Sandy Giardi and Julie Kelly are the founders of Three Bean Press. After earning advanced degrees, working a handful of publishing gigs and exploring the world, our paths crossed as the heads of the editorial and art departments of a small, Boston magazine. We quickly became close friends.
  • Editing
  • Cover Creation
  • Design, Layout + Production
  • Printing
  • Marketing Materials
  • Marketing + Publicity Campaign
  • E-Commerce + Website Landing Page
Three Bean Press is a custom publishing company that believes in personalizing the self-publishing process. We are a women-owned, Boston-based company known for creating visually compelling books. Our hallmarks are quality, creative control for the author and quick turnaround—all at a competitive price.
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