Principals Julie Kelly and Sandy Giardi met 20 years ago at a Boston-based visitor’s magazine. The publication had a coveted Newbury Street address; one that placed historic architecture, the Public Garden and famed fashion houses within reach. Inspired and energized by the city, Julie, a NOLA transplant, and Sandy, the Ohio-native-turned-New-Englander, quickly bonded among the brownstones, over shopping finds, pop culture, late-night deadlines and early-morning Starbucks.

As art director and editor, respectively, they had separate offices, but you’d often find them huddled by Julie’s screen, getting a feature or layout or cover just right. Collaboration was key, as was a mutual drive and respect.

Their working relationship, based on creativity and a shared, exacting standard for strong writing and graphic design, was one built to last. It resulted in the founding of Three Bean Press, an award-winning niche publishing company that has produced premium-quality books for clients like Chef Peter Davis of The Charles Hotel, photographer Bill Brett and philanthropist Don Rodman.

Today, Three Bean Press uses the skills and expertise cultivated throughout the owners’ professional experiences to inform their work as publications specialists: a versatile team dedicated to communicating effectively—and beautifully—in forms of all kinds.