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Author’s Spotlight

Author’s Spotlight

I Was Inspired to Write a Book Because….

“It was my work with the Newbury Town Library and the children’s service agency Cradles to Crayons that planted the seed of an idea for my story. As a children’s librarian we held pajama story times, and I could never find just the right book to read, so I wrote one.” Collins has said, “I wrote The Pajamas of My Dreams because it celebrates the potential of all children and [promotes a discussion] that some people may be in need.” —Laurie Collins, author and children’s librarian at Ipswich Public Library. Collins has been a member of the Massachusetts state library system for 13 years.
Life with Lillian

Life with Lillian, Recipes with Love

I sought to document my “mother-in-law’s handwritten recipes, with memories of [Lillian] by each of her daughters, sons-in-law and grandchildren interspersed throughout.” I wanted to create “a book of recipes that is a compilation of food for the body, as well as an anthology of how Lil fed the souls and spirits of those who knew her.” —Jim Cassidy on publishing the family heirloom Life with Lillian, Recipes with Love. After the beloved matriarch’s passing, Cassidy surprised 50 of his relatives and family friends with this special Christmas gift.

“After observing a couple whose longing to become parents was fulfilled through adoption, I was inspired to create a series of paintings about their story. After sharing the story and paintings with several nursery schools, I was encouraged to turn the story into an art picture book. Written with a universal point of view, through my paintings and story I wanted to celebrate how the addition of a new child expands a family’s love.” —Priscilla Hayes, grandmother, abstract painter and author of The Too Much Love Story.

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