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Corporate Publications

A pleased client once told us that having his beautiful book in hand is like having the ultimate business card, and we think that description is spot-on. A book is an optimal branding tool. It can be an elegant promotional piece that shares your company’s history or a tailor-made commemorative keepsake honoring an important milestone. It can speak to the masses as part of a global marketing campaign or serve as a corporate holiday gift for a select audience. If your company is service-oriented, a book can drive new business your way and bolster your brand. If you’re in the arts, it makes a striking portfolio that can bring your career to new heights. A natural forum for education and fundraising, books can also be particularly rewarding for charitable organizations aiming to showcase their mission. That’s the thing about a book: When it’s done well, it speaks volumes. It shows that your brand is unique and that your company is here to stay. Three Bean Press can help you create your ultimate calling card.