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Room to Grow

Fresh & Honest

Recently we were given a real treat when we sat down at a breakfast event called “Celebrating Inspirational Women and Mothers” at the Four Seasons Boston. The gathering, which raised money for the charity Room to Grow, featured a panel of women from Bill Brett and Kerry Brett’s book Boston, Inspirational Women. As the publishers of this new release, we felt we knew these women well. After all, we spent months poring over their images and bios, fact checking on their websites, and eventually meeting many of them face to face at social gatherings to highlight the book. As the book’s descriptions tout, their philanthropic and business accomplishments are impressive; These women truly are inspiring.

But at the breakfast, we got to see the true essence of these women and learn about them on a more personal level, beyond their titles and achievements. Trish Karter, founder of Dancing Deer Baking Co., showed her quick wit and eloquence while remaining down to earth and humble. Mary L. Reed, who leads the Bessie Tartt Wilson Initiative for Children, demonstrated her calm demeanor and talked about how she gathered her strength from her mother. Harriet Lewis, owner of Grand Circle Corporation, revealed her soft side, showing true tenderness when talking about her kids and her fears. Wendy Semonian Eppich, publisher of The Improper Bostonian, displayed her vulnerability and also her sense of humor. And Joanne Jaxtimer, of BNY Mellon/New England, gave credit where credit is due to her husband, but it was clear from listening to her what a strong mom and woman she is. Carol Beggy and Linda Holliday acted as co-chairs of the event, and Mary Richardson was the moderator moderator.

As busy women trying to juggle the challenges and blisses of running a business and managing homes, marriages and children, we appreciated the honesty and humility that these powerful women brought to the panel discussion. It was their openness and humor that made us want, more than ever, to aspire to be inspirational ourselves. We thank them for sharing their insights.