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Why Three Bean Press?

Why Three Bean Press?

Three Bean Press is a niche publisher offering a fresh approach to custom publishing. Quality, creative control, and quick turnaround— all at a competitive price—are our hallmarks.


Partners Sandy Giardi and Julie Kelly have, collectively, over 30 years in the book and magazine business and have written, illustrated and published their own titles. Among the books produced by Three Bean Press, the company edited, designed and custom published: The Pajamas of My Dreams, by Laurie Collins and Margie Florini (Moonbeam Award winner); The Providence Portrait Project, by Buff Chace and photographed by Jim Hooper; Fresh & Honest: Food from the Farms of New England and the Kitchen of Henrietta’s Table, by Chef Peter Davis, (named “Best Cookbook 2009” by the New England Book Festival); Wings for a Flower, written and illustrated by Ellen Gaffney, (SPARK Honor winner); Boston, Irish, by photographer Bill Brett and Carol Beggy; Rodman’s Ride by Sandy Giardi and Bill Mosher for philanthropist Don Rodman.

Compelling Writing and Design:

Three Bean Press pays attention to detail. We have an eye for sleek book design and well-honed editing skills. Our aesthetic is fresh and current without being overly trendy, and we have endless ideas to help you achieve the look you’re seeking—from font treatments to cover details.

Creative Control:

Large publishing companies are not for every author. Selling your title to a large publishing house often means giving up control of your book. Because we write and design our own books, we know just how important it is to have your vision realized. We will find encouraging ways for you to bring your book to its finest form, but the last word is always yours. Think of us as your creative staff with a proven track record in publishing.

Customer Service and Project Management:

Unlike some self-publishing endeavors, Three Bean Press won’t leave you to fend for yourself. We allow you as much or as little input as you’d like. You can even give us the entire job to produce start to finish.


Your options are unlimited. Because we are not bound contractually to any one printer, we can shop around for the best rates and customize design details. Go bare bones with black and white or rev up the look of your book with endless special details, from spot varnished photos to individualized dust jackets.

Full Service:

Three Bean Press offers one-stop shopping and can customize and package all of your printed needs. Everything required to create your book can be found through Three Bean Press and its affiliates.


With Three Bean Press, authors are in the driver’s seat on the timeframe. We can meet most any reasonable deadline. If you’re creating a piece for a corporate anniversary, milestone or special event, we can work with you to get your book in hand.

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